Does PVC floor tilted and heaved connected with construction?


Does PVC floor tilted and heaved connected with construction?

PVC sheet floor is a new type of environment-friendly floor. It has no disadvantage when used in business room. It is safe, healthy and easy to maintain. But in the use of the process, the phenomenon of stone-plastic floor edge heave is frequent. Is the work  before the construction well done?

First, the requirements of the original ground:

1.Keep the ground flat. In any 2 square meters, with 2 meters ruler measure, up and down not more than 3mm (need to do 2 mm thickness of self-leveling) ;

2.No cracks in the surface of the basement. No sand, no heave, no cracks, no bulge, no oil stains, no standing water and residual dirt;

3. The strength grade of the base is more than C20, no scaly material and no flaky exfoliation.

4. Stone plastic sheet floor paving.pre-paving and cutting, whether coil or block, should be placed at the site more than 24 hours, making the material memory reduction, the temperature consistent with construction site.

5.PVC sheet floor pasting.According to different properties of the floor select the appropriate glue and squeegee.When pasting sheet floor or block floor, Press on the block material from the middle to the two sides, first sweep the floor and the back of the sheet material, after cleaning,use the adhesive to paste. After exhaust, rolling and floor sticking, push the floor surface with cork block to flatten it and extrude the air. The construction process of PVC sheet floor has been understood to a certain extent, but it is not absolute, it can be adjusted according to the ground condition on site and different products as well as actual situation.