The waterproof performance of SPC flooring is very good


The waterproof performance of SPC flooring is much better than wood flooring, suitable for engineering, but we do not know why so good. SPC flooring material is mainly made of PVC resin and stone powder, the full name of SPC flooring is Stone Plastic Composite, its density is 2.0, you may not have the concept of 2.0 density, as we all know, tile's density is 2.1, the density of SPC flooring and ceramic tile is very close. As long as the installation of ceramic tile is standard, there will be no water soaking and expansion basically. SPC flooring is the same, even if it is a long time in the water, the floor will not change, because its material is not hydrophilic, not absorbent.

The installation process of SPC flooring is lock installation, which basically does not cause water seepage. Now it is not only SPC flooring that uses lock installation, but many wood floors and composite floors in the market also use lock installation, which has proved to be very suitable. It can prevent water seepage, even for a long time.

The waterproof performance of SPC flooring is the top one in the floor industry at present. It is very popular in the engineering floor market at the beginning because of the nature of the material without the property of water absorption. It is cheap, waterproof, fireproof and durable. Now SPC flooring slowly occupy the market in the home decoration.