The Maintenance of PVC floor


1. Purpose of cleaning and maintenance

1. Improve appearance: timely remove the dirt generated in daily use, so that the elastic floor can fully show its extraordinary appearance and natural gloss.

2. Protect the floor: protect the elastic floor from accidental chemicals, cigarette butts, shoe prints, oil and water, etc., minimize the mechanical abrasion of the surface, and make the floor's durability to be fully utilized, thereby extending the floor Service life.

3. Convenient care: Due to the compact surface structure and special treatment of the elastic floor itself, pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance, which can make the floor easier to care and prolong its service life.

The Maintenance of PVC floor

2. Nursing precautions

1. All kinds of dirt on the ground should be removed in time.

2. It is absolutely forbidden to soak the floor in bright water. Although some floors use waterproof glue to cut off the water source (such as floor drains, water rooms, etc.), long-term soaking in water will seriously affect the service life of the floor. Use a water suction machine to suck the sewage in time during the cleaning process.

3. For places with a lot of people and wear, shorten the maintenance cycle and increase the number of waxing passes of high-strength surface wax.

4. It is absolutely forbidden to use hard and rough cleaning tools (such as steel wire balls, white cleaning cloth, etc.) to prevent sharp objects from colliding with the elastic floor.

5. It is strongly recommended to place a foot pad at the entrance of a public place with a high flow of people to prevent dirt, sand and other dirt from scratching the floor.