SPC Stone Plastic Floor, Green and Environmental Protection


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When I get home after a working day, what I want to see most is my family’s warm meals and a warm environment. Among them, the decoration of the home floor is an important item in the decoration, and the quality of the floor directly affects the quality of life of the family. Therefore, when we choose the floor, the first thing we must look at is that it contains no harmful substances such as formaldehyde and whether there are other radioactive factors. In addition, the release cycle of formaldehyde is very long, and it is definitely not enough to just open the windows for ventilation.

SPC Stone Plastic Floor, Green and Environmental Protection

As we all know, formaldehyde is extremely harmful, but if we choose Yinuo SPC stone plastic flooring, we don’t have to consider the excessive formaldehyde problem, because Yinuo SPC stone plastic flooring can achieve truly zero formaldehyde, pure green environmental protection Quality products. Yinuo SPC stone plastic flooring is all made of new materials, without collar benzene, and without heavy metals.

Ordinary marble and tile floors generally have similar phenomena: they will not be cleaned after a long time, they are easy to slip, not waterproof, and difficult to maintain.

Wooden floors are noisy, easily deformed, damp, non-absorbent, wear-resistant, and easy to lose their luster.

Compared with ordinary flooring, Yinuo SPC stone plastic flooring has the following advantages:

①Yinuo SPC stone plastic floor adopts ABA co-extrusion process, which can extend the life of the floor and make the performance more stable.

②Yinuo SPC stone plastic floor has a fire rating of B1, fire retardant, self-extinguishing in case of fire, suitable for kitchens.

③Yinuo SPC stone plastic floor is waterproof and moisture-proof, using the principle of lotus leaf, the locks are seamlessly spliced, and the bottom cork is moisture-proof. The floor itself is not afraid of water and will not be damaged by water. It can be used in bathrooms and kitchens.

④Yinuo SPC stone plastic floor is water astringent and non-slip, and the anti-slip effect is better after being dipped in water, especially for the elderly with children and the elderly.

⑤The installation of Yinuo SPC stone plastic floor locks requires no glue on the bottom, which is environmentally friendly, safe and convenient.

⑥Yinuo SPC stone plastic floor is a flexible floor, which reduces the damage caused by falling.

⑦Yinuo SPC stone plastic floor has a surface wear-resistant layer, and the wear-resistant revolution can reach 2W revolutions. SPC flooring has replaced tiles, marble, and wood flooring in various commercial and residential buildings, offices, shopping malls, airports, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, factories, libraries, residential buildings, automobile exhibition halls, airports and other places.