LVT Self-adhesive Flooring

LVT self-adhesive flooring
  1. LVT floor is mainly made of vinyl material, which is a new type of material.
  2. It has the characteristics of softness, moisture resistance and easy cleaning.
  3. People feel very comfortable when walking on it. Moreover, it has a wear-resistant layer and is easy to clean.
  4. Therefore, it is not only suitable for furniture floor decoration, but also for industrial working platform.

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Product name:

LVT Self-adhesive Flooring

Floor size:




Wear layer:





EIR (registed emboss) / deep emboss / normal emboss

Installation type:

Self adhesive


LVT self-adhesive flooring


- Environmental protection

- Sound absorption & Soundproof

- Waterproof & Firebrick

- Anti-corrosion&long life time

- Anti-scratch & Stain repellent

- Good foot feels

- Easy install and maintain

- Eco-friendly

- 100% Virgin vinyl

- NO swelling when exposed to water


LVT self-adhesive flooring


Luxury Vinyl Tile has three main components:

Finish Layer: A special top coat helps each tile resist wear, stains and abrasions. And it helps resist against mold and mildew. Finally, it adds texture to the surface for an authentic feel.

Visual Layer: This component of Luxury Vinyl Flooring contains a realistic image that bears the look of real ceramic or stone. Advanced manufacturing techniques have improved the reproduction of the visuals to the point where it's difficult to discern the visual difference between Luxury Vinyl Flooring and real Stone or Ceramic Tile.

Base Layer: The base layer forms approximately 65% of the total composite. An eco-friendly material, this component offers flexibility and dimensional stability, plus it helps makes it resistant to dents and moisture.

Flooring LVT Self-adhesive Flooring LVT Flooring Self-adhesive Flooring