Laminated SPC Flooring

Laminated SPC Flooring
  1. The new three-layer solid wood golden steel floor is a new product developed by combining the advantages of laminate flooring and three-layer solid wood flooring.
  2. It is produced by using three-layer solid wood to press a decorative layer and a wear-resistant layer.
  3. It is named after the wear-resistant layer contains diamonds.
  4. Three-layer solid wood diamond surface floor.
  5. The new three-layer solid wood floor is visually similar to the texture of solid wood, and at the same time increases the floor's wear resistance, resistance, and scratch resistance.

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Laminated SPC Flooring




Product name:

Laminated SPC Flooring




7pcs/box; 1 box/1.64318m2

Brand name:


Surface texture:

Deep embossed / Light wood



Installation type:

Unilin / valinge click system

Place of origin:

Anhui, China


Wood grain


As samples or upon request

Basic material:

Stone plastic


European style




The SPC Diamond Surface Floor can not only retain the comfortable foot feel of solid wood floor, but also solve the defect that solid wood floor is not wear-resistant and difficult to maintain. It combines the advantages of laminated wood floor and solid wood floor. The main advantages of the new three-layer solid wood flooring are as follows:

1. Low aldehyde is more environmentally friendly: almost no formaldehyde release, higher environmental performance.

2. Diamond surface is super wear-resistant: the surface is sprayed with a wear-resistant layer and filled with diamond powder to enhance the surface's wear resistance, with high impact and scratch resistance.

3. Waterproof and moisture-proof: the back is filled with a moisture-proof balance layer, the surrounding lock is sealed with wax, and the six-sided three-dimensional sealing structure can effectively prevent the penetration of water vapor. The floor has higher waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion performance.

4. Strong stability, more suitable for geothermal: The large lock design, with a scientific and reasonable structure, can effectively overcome the tension of the wood board itself, greatly improve the stability of the floor, the floor has a longer service life, and is durable, and the solid wood core material conducts heat With higher performance and air permeability, it is more suitable for geothermal heating.

5. Comfortable foot feel: The new three-layer solid wood floor has a texture and foot feel comparable to solid wood floor, comfortable and good decorative effect.




Laminated SPC Flooring


1. Polymer Alumina Wear Layer:

(Alumina Al2O3) Wear-resistant layer (3 oxide 2 aluminum): The surface of the SPC diamond-faced fireproof board is covered with polymer aluminum oxide (the main component of sapphire), which is a heat-resistant material. The melting point is above 2000 degrees Celsius. It has the characteristics of high hardness, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, smoke resistance, fire resistance, flame retardancy and easy cleaning. In order to ensure that the product has extremely high wear resistance, the durability of the product has been proved through many high-intensity wear and impact experiments.

2. Decoration layer:

The SPC diamond surface fireproof board adopts a thermosetting resin impregnated paper high-pressure decorative layer, which determines the pattern of the floor and has a variety of patterns.

3. Stone Plastic Composite:

The balance layer of the SPC diamond surface fireproof board can eliminate the stress between the floors, facilitate the balance, and ensure high dimensional and shape stability.

4. Rigid Core Boarder:

The main supporting structure of the environmentally friendly base material layer of the SPC diamond surface fireproof board can stabilize the physical properties and determine the shrinkage, hardness and strength of the floor.

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